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The only way to share your life and dominate the video marketing!

Now BOOST Your Ranking, Sales and convert your happy moments in video...With only a few clicks.

Automatic Video Maker is a video creator software. This tool create videos with images,intro,watermark,background sound, custom slider timer and much more also this program upload your videos in your channel of Youtube.


1-Automatic Video Creator (create unlimited videos spinning images, intro and short videos)

2-Watermarking (Include Text or Logos)

3-Video Uploaders (Upload all your videos more faster than any other tool at the same time)

4-Video downloader (Download video from Youtube with creative common license)

5-Socket and multithreaded system to improve the speed of the process

This program has been developed to help you create videos with your photo albums or images. Also you can share these videos of your vacation, your wedding or your happy moments in your Youtube channel. To protect the copyright of your videos you can add a watermark. Also you can download your favorite YouTube videos to play on your computer.

This program includes advanced video editing tools to achieve a high quality video.

Automatic Video Maker can be used to keep happy moments in videos, develop your talents to video editing or promoting your business on the Internet through videos. All in one program.

Automatic Video Maker is Unique...

There are many others software but all the same thing . Automatic Video Maker is unlike any other program. AVM contains a unique formula to achieve success. If you are tired of the same in each program, this is your chance to have something unique and powerful.

I offer 60 days money back guaranty


"This is a Fantastic Testimonial by a client"

Originally Posted by dadhere
 I have to say that this is the best way to get your Video Marketing experience working and effective online.
The application is constantly upgraded with new effective tools and the support is outstanding.

A very patient man with the integrity to back up his work ethic.

I'm very pleased to have this software and the man behind it. You will not find a more effective tool to get you noticed online than this one. Get it while you can!


Automatic Video Maker include awesome Features.

Constantly developing new and better tools..

"This is a Fantastic Testimonial by a client"

Originally Posted by 914454
I purchased this software towards the end of last year. Since then, Eduardo has updated the program and added new requested features a number of times. This tells me that he cares about people who buy from him.

The product is a desktop application that works on your computer. It works very well and I have been able to create many videos and submit to them with the greatest of ease, helping my sites climb up the SERPs. To do all this manually would have taken me a long, long time and would probably not even be anywhere near as effective, specially as I don't have that much time available, so virtually nothing would have been done by me.

I am very happy with my purchase. It has saved me a huge amount of time and the software works very well. The support that Eduardo provides is top notch and he is only ever as far away as an email or Skype.

For anyone wanting to save a lot of time,I highly recommend this product.

Barry Friedmann
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Some FAQ-

Q- Does this software can work on Mac too?
R- Yes, off course, it can with the ‘Virtual Machine’ For detail please read on Apple’s official website- Windows on a Mac - Apple Store (UK)

Q-Is this program a plugin?
A-No, this program is a desktop application (Desktop App)

Q-Will this program have frequent updates?
Yes, I am always improving my product

Q- Can I use this program on more than one PC?

Yes, you will receive 4 serial keys for 4 computers.

Q-This software meets all guidelines of Google and YouTube ?

Yes, this software search and download only the videos with "Creative Commons license" from Youtube

Q- This software create the videos automatically?
Yes, you only have to set the setting and bang your videos are created at no time

Q-This software can create multiple videos at the same time?
Yes this software create unlimited videos spinning images at the same time creating unique videos with high quality

Q-Can I upload the videos to Youtube?
Yes, this software upload all your videos in Youtube

Q-This software add automatically watermarks?
Yes this software add automatically watermarks to all your videos at the same time

Q-AVM promote my urls?
Yes, AVM adds your url automatically in the description of all the videos

Q-AVM creates customized videos?

Yes, you can include intro, images, watermarks, short videos, music etc


Automatic Video Maker has an affordable price of 47.00 only one time without any other fee


Automatic Video Maker needs framework 4.0 and support window xp,vista and window 7 x86 and x64

After you purchase this awesome product you will receive in less than 24 hours your serialkey you can download the software from this link

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I offer 60 days money back guaranty


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